-As a Leader-

1st album

“Diversified Triangle” TST-X

released on 12/17/2009

Shota Ishikawa Trio


Shota Ishikawa(b)

Kana Dehara(p)

Sam Wiseman(ds)

1, Picturesque (George Mraz)

2, Wisteria (George Mraz)

3, Diversified Triangle (Shota Ishikawa)

4, Love Letters (Victor Young) Arr. by Shota Ishikawa

5, All Of You (Cole Porter)

6, New Cinema Paradiso (Ennio Morricone)

7, Pepper (George Mraz)

Recorded and Mustered by Kentaro Koyama,

Hiroaki Nakazato and Takuto Kaneko in MA

from TKT Studio.

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2nd album

“Letters to Our Heros” TST-001

released on 8/20/2010

Shota Ishikawa and Takeru Yamazaki Duo


Shota Ishikawa (bass, flute on track 11)

Takeru Yamazaki (piano)

1, Just Friends (John Klenner)

2, Waltz For Debby (Bill Evans)

3, Otherside (Takeru Yamazaki)

4, Central Park West (John Coltrane)

5, Searide (Shota Ishikawa)

6, Tottering Step (Takeru Yamazaki)

7, Autumn Kisses (George Mraz)

8, Blues For Sarka (George Mraz)

9, Beatrice (Sam Rivers)

10, My Funny Valentine (Richard Rodgers)

11, You Don’t Know What Love Is (Gene Depaul)

All arrangement by

Shota Ishikawa and Takeru Yamazaki

Produced by

Shota Ishikawa, Takeru Yamazaki and Takuto Kaneko

Recorded June and July in 2010

Mastered by Takuto Kaneko (TKT studio)


2000- (Japan), $20-(U.S.)

and shipment fee.

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Matt Savage Trio 

A Live Celebration :Kobe, Japan

  1. 1.We Are Alive

  2. 2.Howler Monkey

  3. 3.Our Town

  4. 4.The Session Suite (Part 1)

  5. 5.The Session Suite (Part 2)

  6. 6.The Session Suite (Part 3)

  7. 7.Power Pop

  8. 8.Night Falls

Live-Recorded in Kobe, Japan

Matt Savage Piano

Shota Ishikawa Bass

Tatsuhiko Takeda Drums

:from Matt Savage Official Website:

A Live Celebration: Kobe, Japan was recorded in 2012, during Matt’s first tour of Japan.  Matt Savage is on piano, Shota Ishikawa is on bass and Tatsuhiko Takeda is on drums.  Two new pieces (including the three-part “Session Suite”) are featured, alongside audience favorites from A Bigger Celebration and Welcome Home.

Namy Silver ( ¥2450 )- BOSCA -


Released on 11/28/2010

performed by various musicians.

Shota featured as Flutist.

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-As a Sideman-


The Shota Ishikawa Trio

石川翔太 (Shota Ishikawa) :bass,leader

祖田修 (Osamu Soda) :piano

竹田達彦 (Tatsuhiko Takeda) :drums

live recorded on 3/30/2013 at Basin’ Street, Kobe.



Promotion Album

“The Music Of George Mraz and Originals”  TST-0000

Not For Sale.

(Only Available for person who reserved

this trio concert seat or in a very limited situation...)

Song List

1, Bring Me Back To Sanity (Shota Ishikawa)

2, Scratch (Thad Jones)

3, Wisteria (George Mraz)

4, Three Words You May Know (Shota Ishikawa)

5, My One And Only Love (Guy Wood)

Produced by Shota Ishikawa

Co-Produced by Dai Murata

Live Recorded by Takuto Kaneko

Art Designed by Yukio Nakajima

New Album

“It’s My Request”  TST-002    ¥2000-.


石川翔太 (Shota Ishikawa) :bass

マット・サヴェージ (Matt Savage) :piano

live recorded on 9/3/2015

at Bar Request, Kobe.




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Song List

1, All The Things You Are (Jerome Kern)

2, Nardis (Miles Davis)

3, Three Words You May Know (Shota Ishikawa)

4, My Ship (Kurt Weill)

5, Denzil’s Best (Denzil Best)

Produced by Shota Ishikawa

Co-Produced by Dai Murata

Live Recorded by Junichi Saeki

Mastered by Takuto Kaneko

Total Photos & Art Designed by Dai Murata

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Matt Savage Official Website